About Chess4kids
About Chess4kids

IMG_2117We are a chess school for children from 4 to 15 years with the purpose of maintenance, promotion and dissemination of chess, especially for children and adolescents . We conduct our own tournaments and take part with our children in individual and team competitions of chess federations . In preparation , we offer daily (Monday through Saturday ) qualified chess courses up to Grandmaster training for children and adults. We regularly offer half and full day chess camps in all of our facilities at lake Zurich/Zurich City and Zug.

Also birthday parties can be booked in our course venues!
We also come to schools and kindergarden for classes and exciting projects.
Companies can book us for exciting chess events for young and old!


Why create a special chess school for children?

The number of children interested in chess has increased dramatically in the past 5 years and without parental encouragement. This development is not surprising given the world of fantasy and excitement the children are able to experience through the game of chess beginning at a young age. The positive effects on the overall development of children have been proven repeatedly by multiple studies. For instance, the German Chess Federation actively supports chess projects in kindergarden and lower school grades. The goal is to help tackle learning disabilities, speech impairments, attention deficit, impulsiveness, aggression, hyperactivity and/or disorders in social behavior. Local chess clubs offer classes for young people but these are usually older children who can read and write. The coaches teach via classical and conservative methods. Younger children however need a special kind of motivation, the instruction and encouragement which we offer through play and sensory stimulation. Our group sizes are small in order to allow the teachers the time to focus on each individual child. Children are ready to learn chess as of the age of 4 years old. The children then progress at their own pace and they do this by being able to compete with other children who are at the same level as they are. The children become self-motivated through their own successes and in turn are able to build up their self-confidence and self-esteem. In our classroom your child will experience the ability to take risks, make commitments, and enjoy their achievements in a safe and fun environment.