How we Work

Chess4kids represents a modern teaching methodology. Local chess clubs offer classes for young people but these are usually older children who can read and write. The coaches teach via classical and conservative methods. Younger children however need a special kind of motivation, instruction, and encouragement which we offer through play and sensory stimulation. We give the children a playful access to this old strategic game.

The children can try themselves in different roles besides the classic training with the board. By putting on the costume of the chess piece they slip into the character and quality of the piece and can feel this with all of their senses. This experience enables the children to live the piece and its relation to other chess pieces intensity and allows to encounter new perspectives and sharpens the perception in the position play.

In our highly modern and technological time with lots of stimuli we want to support and foster the children in their perceptibility by an integral approach and stimulation of all senses. The children are mentored individually to succeed their challenging tasks and gain confidence in their personal capabilities. Our group sizes are small in order to allow the teachers the time to focus on each individual child. Children are ready to learn chess as of the age of 4 years old. The children then progress at their own pace and they do this by being able to compete with other children who are at the same level as they are. The children become self-motivated through their own successes and in turn are able to build up their self-confidence and self-esteem. In our classroom your child will experience the ability to take risks, make commitments and enjoy their achievements in a safe and fun environment. Our course facilities have several experiential areas reaching from living chess to training stations.