Our Chess Academy
Our Chess Academy


Our Chess Academy

Chess4kids offers high quality chess training that is build up systematically by levels that are defined by age and experience.


Our Training Concept

In our training concept the kids are guided through different training phases and levels. Depending on the age and experience, the kids enter the  MINIMASTER or MAXIMASTER Level.

Here you can see the structure of our Academy:

Our MINIMASTERS:  Discover the power of play!

Chess4kids is expert in teaching chess to kids 4 years up. We work in a systematic and interactive way. Through our journey of teaching we developed a playful program that fosters children starting from 2 years on. As a part of our learning program we integrate chess as one element out of many that supports the children on their way to explore their inner and outer world. Many studies show the profound benefits of chess and the effectiveness of learning through play like instill confidence, sharpen critical thinking, boost emotional intelligence, enhance arithmetic skills and strengthen academic performance. Our mission therefore is to extend those benefits and spread the word.

This innovative MINIMASTER program incluses a huge variety of behavioral  and interest based activities. During the classes we offer a stimulating and widespread learning enviroment with many sensory and movement related exercises and games. With this specially designed and innovatice program we cover every aspect of your child’s development covered — from social interaction to physical activity to cognitive learning through play. Through play, children will develop the confidence, creativity, curiosity and learning skills they need for school and beyond.

Our MINIMASTER program is part of our chess academy as a prelevel of our MAXIMASTER program (for kids between 6 and 9). It consists of 2 levels: prelevel 1 and prelevel 2.  Through that we can focus on the development areas of each defined age group. Since we work in small groups with experienced teachers, each child can grow on its individual pace.

Our lessons offer a safe, fun and nurturing environment for kids and include interactive moments, physical movements (like chessercizes as combinations of psychomotorical exercises and chess), storytelling and guidelines for game play at each level of development.  The classes feature unique play based activities, games and more.

The classes are designed in 6-month increments to continue to meet a child’s growing interests and abilities.


Minimaster Prelevel 1 (2-3 years)

In our prelevel 1 MINIMASTER program the children can experience lots of games and interactions that helps them express their emotions and build up self-esteem, self-awareness and inner strength. We as enablers help them grow in any aspect of learning and character building so that they can build their key physical, social, emotional skills and help to develop confidence, curiosity, communication and perseverance. We accompany the children to explore their life and surrounding and promote their learning capabilities by initiating activities based on the children’s play behaviors and interest to stretch the body and mind. From sensory stimulation to problem-solving games, memory and attention exercises and storytelling, our classes use play-based activities to stretch the body and mind. The kids experience how to figure out how the world works and become a competent problem solver through games that uncover patterns and sequences. Our creative sessions enhance gross and fine motor skills.


Minimaster Prelevel 2 (4-5 years)

In our prevel 2 MINIMASTER program we build the key social, emotional and intellectual skills needed for school and life. Our focus is  school readiness. The focus in this level is also based on confidence, self reflection, cooperation and conflict competences, curiosity, communication, perseverance but also on cooperation while giving your child a solid foundation for future learning environments and being resilient to the challenges they have to master in the outside world.

We foster creativity and give children the means to become independent and critical, creative and original thinkers. Our focus is on strengthening their problem solving skills by teaching them how to make difficult and abstract decisions independently.

In this course we show you how to create a stimulating environment and a variety of chess experiences to help your child develop early chess skills. While Prelevel 1 is more focused on general playing, we focus more clearly on the positive effects and benefits of chess, but still on a very playful and fun based level.


Our Maximaster level is for kids 6 years on. Here we have 2 levels: the  Maximaster Basic level und the Maximaster Master level. In each level we have 6 levels, which follow a specificly defined training content. each of those levels finish with a test and diploma at the end of the semester.

The basic level teaches the children the basic rules and first strategic and tactial moves. After finishing the basic level with its 6 steps, the children are capable of playing tournaments with good results. The master level deepens their strategic and tactical knowledge and gives them opportunities to show their improvement by by regularly playing tournaments.

The basic and master level is divided in 6 training stages resp. semester, where the children can gradually master. Both levels are build up with 6 semester training, each semester ends with a placement test, in which their chess improvement can be measured.

Our Rising Stars

Among the children that we teach we often have kids that have special interest in or special talent for chess. Those children are specifically fostered by us in our Rising Star  concept.


For further information, please contact us under info@chess4kids.ch oder send us your request via our contact form.

your Chess4kids Team