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Besides our weekly classes we offer classes and projects for schools and kindergarden. The target of these classes and projects is to fascinate the children with chess and support them in their personal and academic development.

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Studies at schools reported that boys and girls develop competencies by regular chess training that cannot be acquired by other educational offerings to this extent, in comparable speed and intensity. It is therefore appropriate that chess courses are integrated increasingly into the schools and kindergardens in the form of regular school lessons, projects or similar. In nearly 30 countries chess is being considered as necessary school curriculum content. There are exemplary school chess forms in Kalmyk, Spain, Portugal and Turkey.

There a various possibilities to which extent and in which range chess can be integrated in the schools and kindergardens. It mainly depends on the individual needs and requirements of the academic institution. It is important that the classes are tailored to the children’s age group as regards content and pedagogy. Even 3-year-old children can be introduced with approriate materials into check.

Our range of services encloses the following possibilities:

  • Day events “Chess” or “Chess and other Sports”
  • Weekly projects for Schools and Kindergardens
  • Regular Chess classes
  • Coaching/Teaching of teachers

The progress of the children can be measured systematically, for examply by using a “double diary”. A double diary is journal in which the developmental alterations of the children can be recorded by the teacher and students in terms of an operations log.

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Here you find a selection of kindergarden and schools that implemented chess as a part of their curriculum: