Maximasters 6 years up


Our Maximaster level is for kids 6 years on. Here we have 2 levels: the Maximaster Basic level und the Maximaster Master level. In each level we have 6 levels, which follow a specificly defined training content. each of those levels finish with a test and diploma at the end of the semester.

The basic level teaches the children the basic rules and first strategic and tactial moves. After finishing the basic level with its 6 steps, the children are capable of playing tournaments with good results. The master level deepens their strategic and tactical knowledge and gives them opportunities to show their improvement by by regularly playing tournaments.

The basic and master level is divided in 6 training stages resp. semester, where the children can gradually master. Both levels are build up with 6 semester training, each semester ends with a placement test, in which their chess improvement can be measured.

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