Course center ZH-Wollishofen

Chess Courses for Children

The classes for children in Wollishofen take place Monday through Friday from 2pm to 7pm. The children attend one lesson of 60 minutes per week. Day and time of the class are defined by the age and chess experience of the child and its available time. Our courses are provided in small groups by professional and experienced chess trainers in order to guarantee best training quality for the children. If you are interested in a trial lesson or need more information about our classes, please contact us under or enter your request here.

In addition to the weekly lessons, we offer special chess training for our subscribed kids. Several Saturday afternoons we offer our open play hours from 14:15-16:15. The children can meet and get to know each other. They can play chess against each other or experienced seniors and participate in our exciting program, for example handicraft chess soap, bake chess cookies, movie afternoons with candy floss, popcorn and hotdogs etc.

More information about the open Saturdays and the program for the open play hours is available:

offene spielstunde ss18

If you are interested in vacation camps, please visit our information site “Vacation camps

Our Trainer in Wollishofen

Timo Schönhof

Board Member, Chess Trainer Chess4kids and branch manager Wollishofen, B-Trainer, Kinder- and Mädchenschachpatents
T 076 690 77 75


The course Center is located in Wollishofen, Salomon-Vögelin-Strasse 33.