Chess in kindergarden

Chess4kids is specialized in working with children from 4 years and older. Our youngest student is 3 years old. With our modern, playful methodology and our experienced trainers we are able to inspire even our youngest ones to learn about chess. We for example have a feel memory that we have designed and use for kindergarden classes. Or we handcraft some chess pieces with paper etc. and explain the character of the pieces while working on the piece. Through that chess is not an intellectual game for the older ones but an exciting adventure also for the young ones.

Our offer for Kindergarden Chess:

  • Chess and art (chess pieces out of clay, paper, Fimo etc.)
  • Chess and Sweat (we combine chess and movement/sports activities)
  • Chess for highly talented children
  • Small or longer chess projects (daily to semester projects)
  • Usage of exciting chess pieces and small games with reduced complexity
  • Would you like to know more about us and chess?

Just contact us, we area looking forward to it.