Your support options – offers and information

Chess4kids is one of the few organizations in Switzerland that promotes true Breitenschach. We not only promote chess talent, but offer chess courses at all levels for all children from the age of 4 in the greater Zurich area. By promoting several hundred children, we discover talents that we intensively promote beyond the regular offer. Our vision is to expand our activities throughout Switzerland.

Your company would like to contribute to our sustainable youth promotion?

With our junior sponsoring concept you invest in the youth with interesting compensation.

Chess4kids – Success needs strong partners

We are looking for different partners and sponsors and patrons who can identify with the tasks and goals of our organization and want to support us financially. The promotion and care of children is therefore very important to us. In addition to financial support for regular classes, we seek support for our chess teams and talents.

We hope to make our contribution, to give the children and young people the opportunity to be able to fulfill a meaningful pastime. In addition, chess promotes many important personal and intellectual core competencies, especially in this day and age.

Below are ways to help us. Become part of the new story of Chess4Kids!

Your advertising opportunities

We offer a variety of advertising media to convey your message – oral and written advertising to a wide audience. Of course, these can be individually tailored to your needs. Here are some examples:

Beamer advertising, logo in the ad, display of your advertising in our stores, invitation to the Christmas dinner, grandmaster training exclusively (hours), free participation in grandmaster seminars, simultaneous events (for your company), newsletter logo, homepage logo with link to homepage, banner ad logo, logo on chess boards, mention in tournaments and logo on documents, Facebook logo and advertising for your company, Campflyer and informational material to parents, school chess booklet, flyers, balloons

Our support offers

Main sponsor of Chess4kids

  • Max. 2 main sponsors, price on request and depending on the content
  • Our services: Logo on T-shirts of the teams, as banner ad at the Chess4Kids tournaments, on the homepage, mention in the newsletter, invitation to the Christmas dinner,
  • The main sponsors are considered after registration.

Patron organization “White-Knight”

  • This support option is for people with heart for children’s chess. We support children whose financial background does not allow us to participate in our courses and offered. We invite you to our events – with chess highlights. The annual fee varies depending on patrons status between 250 and 500 CHF per year.

Sponsoring Circle – co-sponsoring

  • You purchase one or more of 64 sponsorship vouchers worth 500 CHF each. If all vouchers are sold resp. At the beginning of December, there will be a big raffle among all participating companies (one voucher = 1 ticket). The winner receives the status of “Co-sponsor” of our teams 2015/16 with special, high-quality price) and presence on player shirts. In return for purchasing the vouchers, all participating companies receive a logo or name presence on our sponsorship page and an invitation to an aperitif, where we and our children introduce themselves.

Head Sponsorship Rising Stars

  • They support a young talent individually and personally. Half of your contribution will be paid to the player as expenses compensation, the other half will go to the cashier for events, expenses compensation and special courses. The sponsors are listed in the individual portraits on the Internet. You pay a fixed amount or per tournament point.

Team sponsorship SJMM

  • You support one or more of our teams. You pay a fixed amount or per tournament point. Half of your contribution will be paid out to the player as an expense allowance, the other half will go to the register for events, expenses compensation and special courses. The sponsors will be listed on the team info on the internet. You pay a fixed amount or per achieved tournament point, logo or name presence on our SJMM T-shirts.

Topics sponsor

  • As a theme sponsor, you support a specific need in the context of our activities, eg, game material, special seminars, school projects, events, etc. The consideration is determined individually. Logo or name presence on our Facebook page.

Have we piqued your interest? We are happy to introduce you to the support options of Chess4kids even closer. Of course, we are also willing to consider individual wishes. Maybe you have more good ideas on how you could support us. We would be very happy to design our future with you as a junior sponsor! With your support we can teach many children one of the oldest and most exciting games.

Click here for our sponsorship form.

You can also simply write an email to info@chess4kids.ch or contact us by post at Chess4kids, Weidstrasse 34, 8706 miles.

We look forward to the partnership and are happy to answer any questions!

Your Chess4kids team

Our bank account details are:

Bank Linth LLB AG
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