Our Rising Stars

Promotion of our rising stars

In order to maintain the popularity and the high level of performance also in chess in Switzerland, it is particularly important not only to be involved in the top sector, but also to make an active contribution to the development of the next generation. Only in this way can the young talents on their way to the top prepare optimally for the challenges of the future. The sponsor supports a social concern through his engagement in the youth field and thus increases his reputation, his acceptance and its popularity among the population.

The head sponsorship is an individual sponsoring, also called personal sponsorship. Here, the young chess player is specifically supported by the sponsor.

If you are interested in promoting one of our talents, please fill out the form or send us an email to info@chess4kids.ch


Max Armstrong
Rising Stars Zug
Age: 12 I like to play chess, because it is very mathematical and I love mathematics. I also love how to learn different moves. My past successes: My goals: I want to become really good in chess My hobbies: Chess Rubix cube
Rohan Dutta
Rising Star Horgen
Age: 14 I like to play chess because: Both players start with the exact same team. Nothing is left to chance, so the most aggressive, defensive and creative player comes out on top. My goals: Becoming a titled player. Increase my overall rating by 200+ on lichess Decrease the blunders I make My hobbies: Playing chess Playing football Watching TV
Stas Kaczmarek
Rising Stars Horgen
Age: 7 I like to play chess, because I can play long chess games and get a rating by that. My past successes: 5th place Zürcher Schülermeisterschaft Kategorie U8 2017 1st place Wädenswil Schachturnier U10 My goals: Becoming a grandmaster and an IT director. My hobbies: Playing chess Playing soccer Mathematics
Alberto Caprioni
Rising Stars Horgen
Age: 12 I like to play chess, because it is a nice activity that includes strategy, thinking and a lot of time. I like it because it is a special way to know other people. My past successes: My goals: Become always better and better. My hobbies: Chess Latin dance Reading: I like History and Sciences. I am fan of Star Wars
Ilyas Rough
Rising Stars Horgen
Age: 6 I like to play chess because (1-2 sentences) I don't know I just like it My goals: to be the Swiss champion My hobbies: maths and some knitting