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Semester Chess Course Registration for children

The course costs for a semester in the course locality are CHF 660.00 per semester. The semesters are based on the cantonal school semesters (winter semester starts after the summer holidays until the sports holidays, summer semester starts after the sports holidays until the summer holidays). There are no courses during the school holidays. The course fee must be paid before the course starts and entitles the student to attend the respective course. It includes 1 lesson per week and the course material. If the child starts during the current semester, the course fee is reduced by CHF 30.00 per lesson already taken. For private lessons, monthly invoices are issued at the end of each month. Siblings receive a 20% discount on tuition from the 2nd child. For every friend you bring to a weekly lesson and who registers bindingly for the semester course in the same semester, you will receive a voucher for CHF 30 for your next courses. The registration with course place guarantee is automatically extended for a further semester unless the deadlines specified in the section Cancellation of courses are met. Occasionally we photograph students at chess training courses and tournaments. The photos are used as illustrative examples for our brochures and website or social media. In this way we would like to give parents a visual impression of their children’s development and progress and inform them about events. If you do not agree, please send us an email to info@chess4kids.ch.

if more than one DOB please indicate with comma
Please note our terms and conditions in full text under the following link: https://chess4kids.ch/gtc/?lang=en
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