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Your Sponsoring Options – Offers and Information

Chess4kids has many chess students. Out of the hundred of children that we teach we always discover and foster new talents. Those talents need special and intense trainings. Our talents are supported by our Association Chess4kids.

Would you like to support us financially supporting those trainings?

Chess4kids – Success needs strong partners

We are looking for partners, sponsors and patrons that identify with our mission and vision and would like to support us and our talents financially. The promotion and care of children is very important to us.

Your Advertisement Options

We offer a variety of advertising media to convey your message – oral and written advertising to a wide audience. These can of course be tailored to your individual needs. Here are some examples:

Display of your advertising in our locations, invitation to Christmas dinner, grandmaster training exclusively (per hours), free participation in grandmaster seminars, simultaneous chess events (for your company), newsletter logo and ads, homepage banner or logo with link to your homepage, logo on chess boards, mention in tournaments and logo on documents, Facebook advertising for your company, Ad on flyers and informational material to parents,

Our Partners


Your Support Options

Main sponsor of Chess4kids

We are looking for 2 main sponsors for our activities. The advertisement for those sponsors is present on all our locations and activities.

Patron Organisation "White Knights"

If you have a heart for kids chess you can support our talents with low financial background to support their classes, tournaments costs. The annual contribution varies per child between 250 and 500 CHF per child.

Team Sponsoring SJMM

You support one or several of our teams with a fixed amount for ex. per achieved tournament point.

Topics Sponsoring

As sponsor you support a special need related to our activities, for ex. play material, special seminars, school and kindergarden projects, events etc.


Did we catch your attention?

We are happy to present our detailed and tailored sponsoring possibilities. With your support we can help many kids to reach their individual goals!

Our bank details:

Bank Linth LLB AG
8730 Uznach
Zugunsten von
CH41 0873 1511 7769 5200 1
Verein Chess4Kids
Salomon-Vögelinstrasse 33, 8038 Zürich
Konto 30-38170-0


Here you find our Sponsor form to contact us. You can also drop us an email to info@chess4kids.ch:


We are looking forward to our partnership and are ready for your questions!

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