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Our newcomer from Sydney: Johannes Brack

In September our newcomer Johannes Brack starts! Johannes is an experienced chess trainer, has lived in Paris and Sydney and speaks Russian, English and French as well as German! So, if you are interested in lessons in Russian or French, contact us at info@chess4kids.ch.

Introduction Johannes:

I am Johannes Brack, have 1893 ELO and have been a chess trainer for many years.

I think learning chess in a playful way at an early age is great! In my lessons, the emphasis is on having fun, which is reflected in the success of the games. In the process, the children learn not only chess, but also many other skills, as well as creativity, empathy and responsibility.
I am very happy to be able to teach at Chess4Kids!
Get ready for interactive games, movement activities and lots of fun!

Yours Johannes

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