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Our Weekly Classes

Chess4kids offers high quality chess training that is build up systematically by levels that are defined by age and experience.

Chess classes for children

Chess4kids offers high-quality educational chess courses for children between 4 and 15 years of age, which are conducted by experienced, competent coaches and enable children to learn the secrets of chess through play.

Course levels range from beginner to advanced. Depending on your child’s level of knowledge and development, we will find the optimal course for your child that is fun, with lots of games and learning. Short learning units alternate with playful tasks and chessercizes. The final assignment takes place after a consultation or a free trial lesson.

About the courses

The classes for children take place Monday through Friday, at some locations we offer classes on Saturday as well. The children attend one lesson of 60 minutes per week. Day and time of the class are defined by the age and chess experience of the child and its available time. Our courses are provided in small groups by professional and experienced chess trainers in order to guarantee best training quality for the children. We teach all levels of kids from beginners to professional players.

Free Trial lesson

If you are interested in a trial lesson or need more information about our classes, please contact us under or enter your request here.

Semester Fees and Cancellation Policy

The cost of for one child is 660.00 CHF per semester (6 months). This includes one lesson per week in a small group with similar age and experience level of other children. All study materials are included. Siblings receive a 20% discount on tuition.

If your child starts at a later time, the fee will be reduced accordingly. In case of cancellations up to one week before starting date the fee will be charged by 50%, cancellations after the course start will be charged by 100%. The enrollement automatically continues for the following semester if not cancelled per email or post 1 month prior to the last day of class.

There are no classes during vacation taking place. Insurance is the participants own responsibility. We reserve the right to exclude children from the class that fail to comply with rules despite repeated warnings without refunds.

It is important to note that our course calendar corresponds with that of the local public school system. There will be NO classes during the holidays. Instead we will provide exciting half and full day Chess Camps.

At the end of each semester the kids have the option to take a placement test, in which their chess improvement can be measured. The content of the test varies by the class level. There are 12 testing Levels, which the kids can gradually master. 6 of them are Basic Levels and 6 of them are expert levels. Having achieved a testing level, the children receive a certificate according to their level.

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