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Chess is in many ways like life itself. Life is both, an offensive and defensive battle.

It is a great way to teach children how to handle challenges in a focused, calm, and constructive manner. Aside from having loads of fun, your child will receive many benefits from playing chess. These positive effects have been scientifically proven through multiple research studies in this area. Research studies show that these benefits are achieved most rapidly and successfully through Chess when compared to other disciplines and programs. It is much easier for children to learn and benefit from the advantages of Chess in a classroom setting. Under the supervision of our professional coaches they are able to practice in a secure, comfortable and organized environment.

We offer:

Several studies results prove that regular chess playing promotes the development of a wide range of intellectual and social abilities in children. The acquired skills serve as valuable lessons that can be applied to real life situations. Chess not only develops intellectual skills but provides significant benefits to the general development of children.


Develops creativity and strategy


Concentration training


Develops problem-solving skills


Intellectual stimulation


Personal growth


Excitement and fun


Builds confidence


Teaches how to win and loose

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