Our Chess Shop

Our Methodology Suitcase

We carefully developed our own methodology suitcase. It contains many exciting methodologies incl. a textbook for beginner with lots of illustrations and interactive examples how to hold exciting chess lessons plus a methodology book with many interactive methods.

The suitcase costs 179 CHF (160 Euro) plus 15 CHF (12 Euro) shipments costs.

Single Methodologie Items

All Material can be ordered separately. The shipping costs depend on the ordered items and will be checked individually. Here is a selection of our items:

Soccer Chess with ball

Costs 9.50 CHF (9 Euro)

Turbomatt and Route Planner

Set incl. wipeable pen 8 CHF (7.50 Euro)

Chess Text Book and Methodology Book

Chess Textbook 25 CHF (20 Euro)

Methodology Book 25 CHF (20 Euro)Set

Set of both Books 40 CHF (35 Euro)

Demo Magnets

We developed magnets to be used on the demo board. Here are the models you can order from us:

Price per item:

1-9 items: 2.5 CHF (2.20 Euro) per item
10-19 items: 2.25 CHF (2 Euro) per item
20 and more items: 2 CHF (1.80 Euro) per item

You can select individually from the following designs:


We also developed chess building blocks in red and blue. Each set contains more than 400 building blocks!

1 Set costs 29 CHF (25 Euro) per colour

Both colour set costs 55 CHF (50 Euro)

Here is the building instruction for the chess pieces:

building instruction